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WiFi powered smart plug with motion sensor, connect and automate everything


● WiFi enabled wireless controller
● Remotely control and schedule everything
● Work with IFTTT, automate your everyday life
● Embedded probe interface, external probe can be connected
● Smart temperature and humidity monitor
● Smart temperature alarm, automatically condition management
● Cloud-based platform, free to access, no subscription fees.
● No hub required 


The Ubibot Smart Plug is an automation partner for your smart home and IoT industry.

With Ubibot smart plug, you are able to remote control other devices connected with it, such as fans, coffee machine, etc. You can schedule your life via the mobile app by setting timer. The most prominent feature is that it supports external probes connection. The smart plug with motion sensor can monitor the environmental conditions and sync the data to the cloud. With the automation rules you set, it will turn on the air conditioner automatically without any manual operations. It can also trigger alerts for extreme conditions, such as over heating. And you will be notified by several modes, free email alerts, free app notifications, SMS texts, voice call and web notifications.

You can enjoy free cloud storage without any subscription fees. The basic plan which contains 200MB storage and 1 GB monthly outbound traffic fits most of our customers.

Giving you peace of mind and saving you more time to enjoy life.

Weight 50g ± 3g
Dimensions 6.4 x 11.7 x 3.5 cm
Colour White
Material flame resistant ABS+PC
Switch Type button
Plug Standard Compatible with Europe, the USA, China standards
Working Environment -10℃ to 60℃( 14℉ to 140℉)
Power Rating 3520W
Power Specifications 16A MAX, 240V
Compatibility Android 4.0+, iOS 7.0+
Communications WiFi
WiFi Specifications 2.4GHz, channels 1-13 (5GHz WiFi NOT supported)


Make Your Life Intelligent

Smart Plug SP1 can make ordinary appliances connected to the Internet of Things and become intelligent. The Smart Plug can be connected to the cloud platform of the Internet of Things through WiFi or mobile network *. The working status, timing and linkage of other connected devices can be set on the platform to achieve intelligence.

Remote Control

Smart Plug SP1 supports the connection of WiFi and mobile network *. It transmits the data to the cloud platform of the Internet of Things in real time, and you can log in to the cloud platform to set up and check the device status at any time and anywhere with the UbiBot APP. It supports custom alerts settings which allows users to monitor the status of the environment.

External sensors help you realize more possibilities

Smart Plug SP1 comes with two external sensor interfaces, RS485 and DS18B20 communication protocols. The powerful expansion can rich the product’s functions, and suit for more usage scenarios. Self-monitoring linkage access device to meet the personalized needs of users.


International Certification of Multinational Standards

Smart Plug SP1 is designed to many versions,such as European standard, American standard, etc. Each of them is compliant with the related country’s quality certification, security assured and trustworthy.

New International Safety Standards

Device connected to the network, data available at your fingertips

Smart Plug SP1 can be directly connected to the big data platform of the Internet of Things through wireless WiFi/ mobile network *. The data collected by devices and external sensors can be uploaded in real time, and can be accessed and used in various terminals of the Internet of Things such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. network


Material: Flame retardant ABS material + polycarbonate

WiFi Connection: Support WiFi 2.4GHz(1-13 channel)

Mobile network: Support single Nano - SIM card

Network Support: supports GPRS, 4g *

System Support: Android 8.1 / iOS 11 +

Working Voltage: 240V

Maximum Power: 3.5KW MAX

Maximum Current: 16A MAX

Operating Temperature: -10~60℃

Dimensions: 64×117×35mm

Linkage control is applicable to a variety of environments

UbiBot® Wireless Smart Plug SP1 is widely used in agriculture, industry, storage, smart home and other scenarios. It can realize standardized agricultural planting with linkage of irrigation system, and create a storage environment featured of constant temperature and humidity using linkage of ventilation and temperature control system. Users can remotely monitor the real-time conditions in the monitoring center or office, no need of going to the spot.


[ Greenhouse ] Intelligent linkage

After the external temperature and humidity sensor is connected to SP1, the collected data can be used to control the temperature and humidity by switching on / off the thermostat or humidifier to realize intelligent planting environment.

Warehouse & Factory

[ Warehouse & Factory ] Timing Switch

After the lighting equipment is connected to SP1, setting the power off time on the platform or mobile APP can eliminate power waste. With the external sensor, users can monitor the environmental conditions of the warehouse.

Wine Cellar

[ Wine Cellar ] Cyclic Task

After the cellar ventilation system is connected to SP1, it is available to set the cycle time on the platform or mobile APP, such as turning on the ventilation every 2 hours for 10 minutes. With the external sensor, users can monitor the environmental conditions of the cellar.

Smart Home