All You Need to Know About Humidity Sensor Probe

All You Need to Know About Humidity Sensor Probe

Posted by UBiBot USA on Mar 30th 2022

Having an accurate reading of the humidity levels in your home helps with your comfort. In addition, it allows you to take steps to prevent common problems associated with low or high humidity, suc … read more

UBiBot Global SIM Card Set Up Activation

Dec 15th 2020

Before you get started with the Global SIM, please go to the web console to activate it first.In the dropdown menu of Data Factory, click on “SIM Card Management”. Click “Add SIM Card” to add your SIM … read more

HOT Tags

Dec 14th 2020

device case external humidity extremely cold or hot weather monitoring fridge temperature monitor global scale humidex humidity accuracy Hydroponics monitor IFTTT integration movement monitor refriger … read more

UbiBot External Sensor Probe Calibration Tool

Dec 12th 2020

Overview:If you are a user of RS485 soil probe or PT100 probe, and you have strict requirements for measurement accuracy, then you will need to use UbiBot Probe Calibration Tool with USB-RS485 Adapter … read more